Singing, Songs & Songwriting at Falling Waters

This year, Falling Waters is offering many more workshops for singers, songwriters and band members by Susie Burke & David Surette and members of the Lonely Heartstring Band.
Susie Burke with David Surette

FRIDAY, 2:30 PM: Vocal Play (All Levels): This workshop allows us to explore the incredible range of expression in the voice, when we […]

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Double Bass x 2 at Falling Waters Music Camp

Have you ever wondered why the bass is sometimes called a ‘double bass”?  Well, according to the definitive Wikipedia…..”The double bass or simply the bass (and numerous other names) is the largest and lowest-pitched bowed string instrument in the modern symphony orchestra. It is a transposing instrument and is typically notated one octave higher […]

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The Mandolins of Falling Waters

Attendees Falling Waters in 2017 features some very fine mandolinists including Matt Witler of the Lonely Heartstring Band teaching bluegrass and swing; David Surette teaching celtic, old-time and new england styles, and Rick Manning covering a variety of styles.

Matt Witler (Lonely Heartstring Band) – Bluegrass Mandolin & Guitar

Bio: Matt Witler grew up in Los […]

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Falling Waters Camp Concert Lineups

This year the Falling Waters Music Camp features 3 three evening concerts all at the La Tourelle ‘Music Hall’ (downstairs) and all beginning at 7:30pm.
Thursday, January 26, 2017:  Loren & Mark Guitar Duo
BUY TICKETS IN ADVANCE  $20 advance/$25 at door ($15 for registered campers)

Loren Barrigar and Mark Mazengarb share a unique musical chemistry and […]

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Falling Waters Music Camp Banjo Breakdown

Blog post by FWMC banjo instructor Paul Fairbanks

This evening I pulled out my 1974 Bluegrass Banjo instructional book written by Pete Wernick.  It’s a first edition – dog eared and weathered after years of me coaxing songs from the pages. As I looked through the book, a couple of things sprang to mind. First, what a […]

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Great Guitars at Falling Waters 2017

This year we have a great group of guitarists teaching and performing at Falling Waters.  Here is a information about workshop schedules and content (Schedules may be adjusted before the camp begins).



Here are our faculty bios and a couple of videos […]

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Falling Waters is a Fiddler’s Dream

We have some fine fiddlers coming to FWMC in 2017 and teaching in a variety of styles including Irish, old time, bluegrass, swing, and a variety of contradance fiddle music.  Brian Conway is a multiple All-Ireland Fiddle Champion from NYC.  Ithaca’s own favorite old time fiddler of Horseflies fame, Judy Hyman, will be joined […]

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Jamming at Falling Waters Music Camp 2017

Jamming with new and old friends is an important part of the learning and fun of Falling Waters Music Camp.  Impromptu jamming happens throughout the weekend in rooms, hallways, the lobby and  concert hall, when workshops and concerts are not in session.  This year we have instructor-led jams at 4pm on Friday and Saturday […]

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