Bobby Henrie is having a series of shows in January to release his brand new CD of his interpretations of his guitar hero Doc Watson and others – BOBBY HENRIE – “Doc Remembrances, Flatpick tunes and songs”

Paris Texas featuring Bobby will be highlighting the CD at Winter Village on Friday evening at 7:00 at La Tourelle.  Paris Texas will be joined on a few numbers by some special guests including Dee Specker, David Cavage (Hickory Project) on banjo and Michael Sassano (Too Blue) on mandolin.

CD Liner Notes from Bobby:

Ever since I first heard Arthel “Doc” Watson, he has been a hero. Loved for his wonderful voice, banjo, harmonica, fingerpicking and of course, flatpick guitar. As the premiere pioneer of acoustic flatpicking Doc established the repertoire of fiddle tunes on the guitar. As the guitar player in an old-time string band, Doc inspired me to learn leads on tunes and songs, to play along and take breaks. I like the way he walks the lines between bluegrass and old-time. For many years I have played different styles on electric guitars, but I always like coming back to my roots to play old favorites of the master on acoustic guitar. With the advent of Doc’s passing, these are precious memories.
This is a collection of some of my favorite tunes and songs that Doc recorded in the classic period, mid 60s to mid-70s. Although he didn’t write a lot, he made songs his own with new arrangements, lyrics, adaptations, big talent and deep roots. On some tunes, I have changed basic arrangements while always trying to keep something “Doc-ish”. A couple of tunes on mine here were inspired by Doc’s performances of classic fiddle tunes such as Billy in the Lowground, June Apple and Salt River.

CD Liner Notes by Mark Schatz (Bass player extraordinaire – Nickel Creek, Clair Lynch Band, etc.)
Bobby Henrie is one of those guys I call a “cat” – the music’s been pouring through him and out of him since his youthful days in his legendary family band, The Henrie Brothers. There’s soul, grit, and an groove in every lick and lyric, whether it be rockabilly, swing, or a hot bluegrass instrumental. I’d go out of my way to hear his band or pick a tune with him.

The CD playlist:
1. Fiddler’s Dram (trad.)/Billy in the Lowground (trad.)/Libby on the Highroad (B. Henrie) (3:37)
2. Brownsferry Blues (A. Delmore) (2:57)
3. Nothin’ to it (Trad.) (2:58)
4. Muskrat (Trad.) (3:01)
5. Just a Friend (Wright/Anglin) (3:25)
6. Blackberry Rag (D. Watson) (2:43)
7. Nashville Blues (A. Delmore) (2:47)
8. Georgie Buck (Trad.) (3:11)
9. Sugar Stream (B. Henrie) (3:05)
10. Bye, bye Blues (Hamm/Bennett/Lown/Gray) (3:12)
11. I was a Stranger (Rodgers/McMillan) (2:06)
12. Nashville Pickin’ (Trad.) (2:32)
Total time: 36:12

Bobby Henrie – Guitars, vocals; fiddle tracks 4, 8; fretless banjo track 8; mandola track 9
Doug Henrie – Stand-up bass; tracks 3, 6, 9, 10, 12
Dee Specker – Vocals; tracks 5, 10
Rick Manning – Fiddle; track 6, mandolin; vocals track 7