10 String Symphony (left) and Suitcase – Judy Hyman & Jeff Claus (right) 

The 2017 Winter Village Music Festival opens on Thursday, May 2 with two distinctive duos – the Nashville-based 10 String Symphony & Ithaca’s own Suitcase – both rooted in old time fiddle music while creating highly original songs and sounds.  Join us at La Tourelle on Thursday, May 2, 7:30 for our opening festival concert. 


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“When each song ended, the two pressed tight into their microhphones, savoring the last strains of the harmony – and even the bartenders seemed to be leaning forward breathlessly, awaiting someone to clap first.
“The Bluegrass Situation

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“The textures are a blend of the ancient and the ultra modern. Realism coexists with surrealism, and synthetics and acoustics are interwoven. A record of dark brilliance.” 
Dave Jennings, Melody Maker, London, writing about the Flies’ album Human Fly